Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Woodland Valley Nextdoor Group

I got an email today from WCA member Kevin Lanier. He and WCA President Michele Keesee are starting a neighborhood social network on Nextdoor for networking with valley neighbors. Here is Kevin's email to me telling about the group. You can go to the Nextdoor site, find Woodland Valley and join the group.

We've got 12 members now, but know it is more valuable with more members. 
The intent of the Woodland Valley Nextdoor Community is a communication portal where info can be shared, sought, etc. relatively quickly.  If you need advice on a good plumber or electrician, best local swimming or fishing holes, or if you want to share information quickly (fish stocking this Saturday or hike this Sunday), this is a great way to do it.  Once you join, you can customize your settings to receive emails whenever a new posting is made, or to receive a digest only once a day or week (as you like). 
On another point that the readers may find of interest is that the Woodland Valley Lodge our house name), is about to welcome Jenny Milchman, an author, and her family for the next six months.  Jenny will be writing her next book in the Lodge over the Winter months.  See her Amazon bio and buy her first book at
Thanks again -
Kevin Lanier