Sunday, August 18, 2013

David Ilku in Murmurs and Incantations

WCA member David Ilku is performing in a play in NYC this coming Wednesday and Thursday. Sounds awesome, so if you are in the city and would like to catch his performance here are the details David sent to me.

Come and join us for the August 21st and 22nd at 8:00PM for the performance of Murmurs And Incantations, written and directed by Dahn Hiuni and featuring music by Yuval Ron. 

"An artist with creative block meets the ghost of his father, a rabbi killed in the Holocaust."

Wednesday August 21st at 8PM
Thursday August 22nd at 8PM

Mixed Greens Gallery
531 West 26th St
1st Floor

Written & Directed By Dahn Hiuni

Music By Yuval Ron

More information can be found at


Murmurs and Incantations tells the story of Ben Levitts, a one-time impassioned activist and rising art star in 1980s New York, now a creatively blocked, middle-aged art professor. We meet Ben when, much to his surprise, he has been invited to show at a contemporary art center in Poland. While reticent to visit his ancestral homeland, Ben accepts what could be the last big opportunity of his career.

Despite his best efforts, Ben is distracted by history. A series of visions and ghostly visitations stir up a painful past. Things are further complicated by the prospects of romance. Still, the journey fuels in Ben a last-ditch effort to test his creative powers, and to find an ancestral and a personal voice.

Harrowing, poignant and irreverently funny, Murmurs and Incantations explores the inspiration, the anguish and the responsibility of being an artist. It sharply examines the ways in which identity, cultural history and personal baggage affect, impede and shape the creative process. Theatrically, Murmurs and Incantations is groundbreaking in its meaningful incorporation of performance art into both the form and content of the play.