Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More About Turtles

After I posted the photo of the turtle a week or so ago several people told me they saw it. Lorraine DellaPena sent me these two additional photos of the reptile. She saw it the same day I did in the same spot.

Harry Jameson saw a snapping turtle matching the size of this one a few days later a little further up the valley near the Pantherkill Bridge. So that might have been the same one too. Anyone fishing or walking in that area with kids or small dogs should be on the lookout.

Linda McDonald sent me the message below about another turtle she saw years back. If anyone else sees this turtle let me know and I will post it. Here is what Linda had to say:

"The turtle is amazing !  In my 65 years in Woodland, I have only seen 1 other turtle. (It was a Painted Turtle, red & yellow on it's neck and small red tips around the edge of it's shell, not really painted, it was about 9 inches across the back) That was when I was about 13 and it was stuck in a big smooth tar spot, on the Woodland road, between Bethken's and Botchford's, where there is a small stream on the left, that comes up (if there is a lot of rain). I figured it came down from the pasture pond at Botchford's. It was stuck solidly to that tar and I pulled & pulled as gently as I could, so as not to hurt it's shell. We finally got loose (I say we, because now my "beloved Loafers" were stuck in the tar, too.) I left them there while I carried the turtle to the little stream, so it could get to the pond again and then pattered in my socks over to the tar & pulled my shoes free. I was always told there were no turtles in the Woodland Stream itself, because the water was so cold, but that there might be more in the pasture ponds. "
- Linda