Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tommy Healy's Latest Diving Trip

These photos were sent to me from WCA member Tommy Healy. They were taken on his latest diving excursion to Bonnaire. Here is what Tommy had to say about them.

"Just a mixed bag of dive photos from my recent trip to Bonaire. I had some fun with a new Panasonic 8mm fisheye lens which I used with some good results below. A silhouette shot of a diver in front of the sun, A turtle that actually bumped the lens in curiosity. A lion fish that is an invasive species to the Caribbean and also is a threat to it's eco system, A close up of Coral life on Bonaire reef, on the rope down to a ship wreck that is at a depth of 100 feet, Divers on the rope going up from the wreck back to the dive boat. A curious damsel fish, and last, a tropical sunset at happy hour."
- Tommy