Thursday, May 19, 2016

Another Fabulous Paul Misko Event

Paul Misko sent me an announcement of his next event coming up on Memorial Day weekend. Make sure to make your reservations soon. Paul's talks are always super popular.


Amy's Take-Away will be hosting some stellar events this season @ 1571 Route 214, Lanesville (5 miles north of Phoenicia) in the historic former H.D. Lane General Store built ca.1885.

First 'up at bat' will be Paul Misko's talk on Saturday, May 28 @ 4 PM about famous native son, John Burroughs, an American naturalist and nature essayist,active hiker and fisherman, and activist in the U.S. conservation movement.

Enhanced by an audiovisual presentation w./ comments from Burroughs' journal, Paul's talk will focus on Burroughs' attempts to scale Slide Mountain in Woodland Valley.  Paul has written numerous articles on hiking and history, created trivia quiz programs on WIOX's "From the Forest" Radio Show, and founded the Catskill 4000 Club which focuses on unusual, history-related hikes, and teaching outdoor skills.  This presentation promises to be both entertaining and informative! Admission $5.  Please call ahead @ (845) 688-9759 for reservations.

After his talk, Paul will be selling his cleverly-packaged and utterly delicious "Burroughs' Butter Biscuits" as well as his beautifully-crafted wooden creations.  Amy's Take-Away will be selling foods which would have been eaten during Burroughs' life-time (1837-1921) featuring crops Burroughs grew:celery grapes, and berries.  The ATA menu will be available shortly both on Facebook and