Friday, April 29, 2016

History Of Fires

WV resident Rolf Reiss sent this to me and I thought it was interesting. This is another reminder why  the burn ban is in place. Thanks for sending this information, Rolf.

Apparently Woodland Valley has a history of forest fires.
This is from the Catskill Mountain News of Oct 23, 1914.

200 Men Required to Subdue Flames Near Phoenicia--- U&D Sent 75 Men.

Forest fires have been raging a few miles from here for the past three or four days. One was reported at Hunter, one at Woodstock and one in the Woodland Valley, up from Phoenicia. This one seemed to be the largest and nearly 200 men were fighting it. On Wednesday when it seemed to be impossible to control it, the Ulster and Delaware railroad officials sent 75 men to help subdue it. The fire was then covering an area which would have taken ten miles to circle.

- Rolf