Monday, April 27, 2015

Oberbeck Iceland Trip

Longtime Woodland Valley residents Sally & Pete Oberbeck went on a fabulous trip to Iceland in March to see the northern lights and the eclipse. They had a great time and sent us back a message and some photos (see below). Sorry I am a bit belated it putting up this post but I think you will enjoy it all the same. Those northern lights are amazing!! Here is what they had to say.

"Here are a few select pictures of our eclipse trip to Iceland. Although March is not the best time to visit, (eclipses have their own schedule) it does get dark enough to see the northern lights. Weather on the whole was very good with one or two days being pretty nasty. As you can see from the pictures there was lots of sun, but temps never got higher than the mid 40s. Food was great, people friendly and the scenery out of this world.

On Tuesday March 17th one of the most intense geomagnetic storms in years hit the earth and we had clear (mostly) skies in Iceland to witness the event. It was spectacular. The following Friday we had clear skies, but not nearly the intense nothern lights, but great non the less. Sally was in 7th Heaven with her camera. I just watched and drank Armanac to keep warm."

- Intrepid Peter 'n Sally