Wednesday, March 4, 2015


It has been a messy morning cleaning up after the latest round of nature vs. humanity that occurred overnight. The snow started about 3pm yesterday but changed to sleet last night and then to rain in the wee hours. On the ground this morning was a heavy wet mess that was only about 3 inches deep but extremely hard to move. But move it I did so that the plunging temperatures that are forecasted for tonight into tomorrow would not cause more trouble than necessary when all this mess freezes up again.

With the warmer air that this system brought all the other snow is melting today too. There is so much around at this point though that it probably won't make too much of a dent before it re-freezes tonight but it is nice to see things moving in the right direction.

The extended forecast is for a warming trend to start over the weekend and go through next week. With a week's worth of above freezing temperatures we may start to see the light at the end of the tunnel but let's see how it all plays out. They said this week was going to be warmer and that didn't turn out to be true. So I am a bit skeptical at this point.

For anyone coming this way in the next few days do watch for icy patches on your driveway, walking paths and decks. This all is probably going to be very slippery for the next couple of days.