Friday, March 27, 2015

I'll Drink To That

Here is a new bit of poetry from Woodland Valley poet laureate, Mike O'Neil (aka Boreegard).

The Straight and Narrow 

Once was I’d take a drink or three,
Be it gin or rum or ripple,
Yes, truth be known around the town,
I really liked to tipple.

I underwrote insurance lines,
In the land of steady habits,
And many a three martini lunch,
Had me seeing six foot rabbits.

The numbers that I crunched those days,
They might add up or not,
But brokers liked the deals I made,
And high commissions sought.

And now that I have seen the light,
And do just what I oughter,
You’ll see me sip green tepid tea,
And beakers of cold water.