Monday, August 11, 2014

The Feuer's African Safari

WCA members (and all around active and fun people) Richard & Tammy Feuer just got back from an amazing trip to Africa. They sent me some great photos with the message below. Here is what Ricard had to say.

Tammy twisted my arm (admittedly she did not have to twist too hard) and here are some pics from our African safari in Tanzania, The Serengeti. The one with the elephant is not so great but I thought it is amusing with the hot air balloon taking off in the background. The tents, BTW, were made by Campmor in Paramus! I was very psyched about that and I mentioned it, repeatedly, to my fellow travelers who were mostly from the west coast.

The last 2 pics are from a neighborhood pot luck dinner last night that the Barleys organized. Since only one family pictured, the Widenskys, made it to the Dershowitz picnic we thought it would be nice to get together. Three families are lifelong residents and three are newcomers. Three are in the WCA and three are not. I think it greatly illustrates why we love Woodland Valley so much.

Richard Feuer