Tuesday, December 17, 2013

More Travels With Intrepid Sally And Peter

Just to break up the endless monotony of talking about snow here are some more excellent photos from the traveling Oberbecks. These are from Dakla. Thanks for sending them guys. I love to look at cool photos from interesting places. And it is nice to know that somewhere it is warm and sunny.

Here is what Pete and Sally had to say about their photos.

Dakla, Western Sahara

"Our last stop on the continent of Africa before we sailed for the Cape Verde Island took us to the town of Dakla on a peninsula in the far south of Western Sahara.  Not particularly exiting, but we did visit an oyster farm that had some of the best oysters we have ever eaten.  They were salty and had a mild steely taste and, of course, came right out of the ocean. Pictures 4 5 and 6."
Intrepid Peter and Sally