Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Workshop with Alexander Mallon

Woodland Community Association member Alexander Mallon will be giving a workshop this coming Saturday at Mirabai in Woodstock. Here are the details for anyone who is interested.

Alexander Mallon
at Mirabai Books of Woodstock
October 9th, 2010
2-4 pm
$15 pre-registered by Oct.7th, $20 after

The Rising Sign & Personal Identity a workshop with Professional Astrologer/Intuitive Alexander Mallon

The Ascendant or Rising sign of one's birthchart is represented by the sign of the zodiac on the horizon at birth. This Ascendant sign serves as a symbol of your identity. It reveals how you present yourself to the world, how others see and experience you - your personality.

In this workshop you will learn the meaning of your Ascendant sign, and you will also discover what and how that sign's ruling planet acts as a cornerstone for your life unfoldment. This ruling planet shows you both what you must process on a Karmic level, and what you desire to liberate about yourself in this lifetime!

Alexander will provide a computer drawn astrological chart to those who pre-register and provide birth date/time/place of birth at least 48 hrs in advance.

To registar, please phone Mirabai Books of Woodstock at 845-679-2100 AND email Alexander at astroskywatcher@yahoo.com