Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Time To Clean Up

Ok folks, so the blizzard is finally past. I took the handy snow ruler out yesterday and measured and I would say that we got about 26 inches in total. I shoveled off my back porch (digging out the car is next) and the snow was fairly easy to move. It was on the light and fluffy side so it wasn't too heavy. But now I have to go out and clean the car so I will get a better sense of it today.

We got very lucky in this storm and didn't get the high winds that knocked out power in Woodstock and Shokan. The power never even flickered here. And since the snow didn't stick in the trees there doesn't seem to be a lot of limbs down either.

The town plow trucks have been up and down several times so the road looks fine at this point. But I am sure the end of everyone's driveway will have a nice mound of snow. Everything comes with a price.

So although the snow totals were high, I think the clean-up will happen in short order today and everything will be back to normal by tomorrow. Although they are forecasting some light snow for later I am hoping it will not add up to much.

The temps are cold though. It is in the teens right now but it is supposed to warm up in a day or two. We might see some melting and re-freezing if that happens so it could get slippery for the weekend. We shall see.

Nice to blog to you all once more. I may go silent again for a while but I have to say that this has made me miss blogging a bit.

Stay warm and travel safe!