Monday, June 27, 2016

Mama Bear

Just as I was wondering what to post today Woodland Valley resident Jim Alessi sent me this message and photo.

"This big Momma bear was in my backyard on Saturday (see photo below). If you look close you can see one of her cubs walking behind her in the shadows. There is a second cub who climbed up a tree just out of camera view by the time I opened my window to take a picture. They were only there for two or three minutes but a thrill none the less. The mom has to be at least 275 lbs. and the cubs might be 50 lbs. each.

Saw another lone black bear that crossing Woodland Valley Road below the Woodland Valley campground on Sunday. That bear had a State Wildlife Tag in each of its ears but I couldn’t get my camera phone out fast enough to snap a picture. Guess I’m getting a little slow in my old age…

Well just wanted to send in this photo and remind everyone that we really live in a pretty wild wilderness area!"

Best Regards,

I think I saw the same bear with the two ear tags last night while I was at my neighbor's house. He was beautiful. But the tag in each ear means that he is a very badly behaved bear. When a bear gets to be a nuisance (breaking into houses, roaming in populated areas, etc) they trap him/her and tag an ear. If that bear gets into trouble again they trap them again and tag the other ear. The third time the bear gets into trouble they euthanize him/her. So let's hope this big guy stays out of trouble. 

And to close this post I would ask everyone (weekenders especially) to secure their garbage. The bears have been overturning garbage bins all along the WV road and scattering the litter everywhere. If it happens with your garbage a lot I would ask you to consider getting a bear proof metal box.