Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What's Left

This morning seems to have brought some bitterness, both on the part of the weather and my own attitude. I woke up to find the temperature at 13 degrees. Ah, a lovely spring morning in the Catskills (here is where my bitterness kicked in). But it has warmed into the 30s at this point so at least the thermometer is moving in the right direction.

There is a lot of snow left around from the two storms we have had over the past few days. The ground was warm when it first started snowing so a lot of it melted down. It is not as deep as you would expect after 11 inches of snow. But there is still a fair amount around and last night's deep freeze hardened up anything that had melted yesterday. My driveway and walkways are icy. So be careful on your own property, things might be icy there too.

The sun is shiny brightly and the forecast is for it to go into the 50s on Thursday so lets hope this all melts off. We shall see. But for right now spring in the valley is on hold.