Monday, April 4, 2016

More April Snow

Today's snow stopped in the early evening. It is hard to tell exactly how much we got because the snow packed down almost as quickly as it landed. I measured another 6 inches on the parts of my porch I had cleared yesterday.

I heard from several people that the roads were difficult today but I can't verify that because I didn't leave (although I was supposed to go to the city).

After thinking that spring had come, all this snow is quite a letdown. I am especially sad because I think it has ruined my daffodil show for this year. About 1/3 of my daffodils had already bloomed when the snow came and the depth and weight of it pulled them over. Those blooms look ruined. There are still more to bloom but I don't think I will have the big, bright show I usually see in the spring.  Too bad, but I guess there is always next year.