Monday, April 25, 2016


This post is being written from the fabulous Phoenicia Library in an effort to bring you all up to date as soon as possible. As I came out of Woodland Valley I talked to the emergency worker stationed at the beginning of Muddy Brook Rd. He was there to prevent people from entering the road and getting in the way of the fire department. I asked him how the efforts to battle the fire were going and he said that at this point they had it contained. It was great to hear that news!

As I continued driving to town I saw firemen at the Woodland Valley Bridge and along High St taking their gear off and emptying the water from the fire trucks. So everything definitely seemed to be winding down. 

It has also started to rain lightly. More rain is expected later so that should make the general conditions here better. And hopefully, it will aid our neighbors to the south to contain their brush fire too.

So you can all breathe easy, it looks like all is well in the valley again.