Saturday, March 5, 2016

One Last Postcard

Earlier this week, when I put up the list of Woodland Valley postmasters to the blog, I received this message from Rolf Reiss. For those of you who don't know him, Rolf is one of the people in the valley with a lot of knowledge of the valley's history. Here is his message.

"Thank you for posting the list of Woodland Valley Postmasters and thanks to Jay Simpson for doing the leg work. I am including scans of a postcard sent by Phil Miller who was the brother of Paul (the last of the postmasters) 15 days before the closing of the Woodland office. According to Dakin Morehouse there were three Miller brothers who lived here in Woodland Valley and that the final location of the post office was in Paul Miller's home (currently owned by Dakin and Doris at  the base of Roxmor). He also mentioned that Phil was a noted musicologist and orator. Many years ago Laurie Lurrie who was a longtime Woodland resident told me that she liked getting her mail right here in the valley but that doing so always meant having to listen to Paul the postmaster speak for at least half an hour.  Sounds like a mixed blessing."

 - Rolf