Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Burroughs' Butter Biscuits

Recently Woodland Valley resident Paul Misko dropped me some of his newest confections, the delicious Burroughs' Butter Biscuits. Here is what Paul had to say about them. 

John Burroughs, c. 1837-1921, hiked and fished throughout the Catskills, and became America's leading naturalist. His writings encouraged many to follow in his footsteps, and some were led into one of his favorite places...Woodland Valley. He visited here many times over the years to hike, camp, and fish.  He later tried to buy some land in this valley, and encouraged his friend President Theodore Roosevelt to build a place here as well.
     Read his essay, "Heart of the Southern Catskills", and you will see that there were many times when he could have really used some..
Burroughs' Butter Biscuits.

They can be purchased at "The Nest Egg" in Phoenicia.
- Paul