Thursday, February 25, 2016

Big Rains

We had a lot of rain in the last couple of days (thank God it wasn't snow I would still be shoveling!). The worst of it came late yesterday afternoon into last night. It was torrential at times with thunder and lightening.

The Esopus rose over 12 feet in the wee hours of this morning. Flood stage is 11ft but in Phoenicia the real problems usually start around 16 feet. Thank God the creek didn't go anywhere near that mark.

The Woodland Valley Creek went up around 7.5 feet and is running very brown (as is the Esopus). I get automated emails from the USGS gage at Woodland Valley when this creek gets high. For those of you who would like to see the WV USGS gage (for stream height scroll down) for yourselves you can go to: and check it out.

The storm is passing at this point but it was a crazy one and I am DEEPLY grateful to the powers that be that it was rain and not snow.