Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Dog Home Safely!

After two weeks in the woods, Golith, the dog that was lost from Phoenicia went home with his relieved owner today. Here is the story as I heard it. Apparently, Duane Formont had seen him last week around his place in Phoenicia and had been putting food out for him ever since. The food was gone every morning and since there are no stray animals near his house he suspected that the dog was in the area.

Yesterday he called Amy, the owner, and told her to come down and try walking around his property to see if she could lure him in. She sat there for several hours in the inclement weather but there was no sign of the dog. Marilyn Manning told her to leave her car there and put Golith's dog bed next to the car. Lo and behold they heard barking this morning and looked out and Golith was in his bed!!

Duane called Amy and she came and parked in the Pharmacy parking lot and walked to Duane's so as not to scare the dog off. She talked to him softly as she approached and then opened her car door and Golith jumped right in and went to his spot like he had never been gone.

I was told that he is in pretty good shape for a dog that was out in the woods for the last two weeks. There is some sort of small issue with one of his paws but all in all he seems just fine.

We can only speculate about where he has been. But since he was definitely seen all the way up at the end of Woodland Valley Road, I think that he went to the end, entered the woods, went up and over to Oliverea (he was sighted again there) and then back down Rt 28 again to Phoenicia. But I guess we will never really know for sure.

Wherever he has been this is such a happy ending to a nerve wracking couple of weeks. One of Amy's granddaughters said it was "a Christmas miracle" and I think she might be right!

A tired Golith at home enjoying the bed