Saturday, December 5, 2015

Beware of Scammers

WCA member Jeff Schwartz sent me this as a reminder to beware of scammers this holiday season. Here is Jeff's message.

Many years ago I informed you of a scam, where I was in receipt of a large check that was too good to be true. You may want to post a warning on the blog again.

Its that time again, I received

Envelope stamp- Canada
Check $4832.11 (can be any amount)
Drawn on a Calif. Bank (Can be any bank)
Issued by a Company with a USA address.
Check looks real, multi colored warnings of security features present.
In this mailing I am the proud winner of PublishersClearing House 2nd Prize $75000
(I do not rate a phony 1st prize, I am insulted- but that requires a visit of a film/TV crew-not in
the phoney budget).

The letter states the check is for "duty taxes" but I can't deposit it until I speak to the
agent listed, phone number given.

My assumption is that they want you to transfer these funds after you deposit the check
to their phoney offshore entity. They know it will take a week before the check is returned.
By then your money is long gone.and your bank has charged you for a returned check.

Did I even try to call Nooooo
If it is too good to be true, bets are it is not real.

Wishing all our neighbors and friends
a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season

- Jeff and Aileen Schwartz