Friday, September 25, 2015

Marietta Hofmeister Passes

I am very sad to tell you all the Marietta Hofmeister died yesterday. Marietta was one of a kind. I thought she was terrific. I found her to be kind and funny. She was a stalwart presence on Main St. I loved passing by, whether on foot or driving, and waving to her as she sat in her chair in front of Morne Imports next to her cow statue window. And it was fun to go in the store and search through all the great gear she had for sale while chatting with her about the town.

I also loved teasing her about her sometimes seemingly abrupt manner. I always knew that underneath it all she was a genuinely nice person who cared about her community. Her passing will leave a hole on Main Street Phoenicia. My condolences go out to her entire family. May she rest in peace.

Here is a link to the Gormley funeral home site for service information.