Monday, July 27, 2015

Dersh Party and WCA Meeting

I have had a busy couple of weeks work-wise so I am solidly behind in my posting. I am trying to catch up a bit this evening. I am going to do a re-cap of the last couple of WCA events I have attended in this entry so I am afraid it will be a little long winded. I have also posted about 5 other things below so, after reading this, be sure to scroll down and check out everything else that is happening (well, at least the things I know about) in the valley.

The Dershowitz party this Saturday was awesome. There were many, many people in attendance, perhaps the most I have ever seen. Word is out that it is the best party in WV each summer and everyone now makes sure to put it on their social calendar early.

The day was overcast but very nice. And as always, the food was terrific. I personally love a pot luck. There are so many great cooks in the valley that it is always a treat to sample the many wonderful dishes.

It was a great day to swim in Nat's fabulous pool. The water was warm and even I got on my bathing suit and took a dip. Nirvana!

Kudos go out to our host, Nat Dershowitz, who works hard to make sure everyone is comfortable, happy and well fed. He does a great job every year and I am sure I speak for everyone when I say how grateful we are for his hospitality. Thanks also to Michele, Peggy, Jeff and all the people who helped to make the event a success.

Sorry I don't have any photos this year. I was going to snap some with my phone but realized when I got there that it was full and I couldn't take anymore until I downloaded it at home. Whoops! Sorry. But trust me everyone looked fabulous and happy.

The other thing that happened a few weeks ago that I never blogged about was the WCA meeting. I have a few photos of that below. It was great. Our President Michele was traveling so Vice President Peggy Neu filled in and ran the meeting. She did a great job.

Mike O'Neil (aka Boreegard) read the minutes of last year's meeting. Jeff Schwartz gave the treasury report. The officers were elected (or more precisely, re-elected - see below) and then Maria Todaro (one of the FoV founders) gave us an overview of this year's Festival of The Voice. She also brought along some young, local talent to entertain us.

Finally, Jim Infante educated us all on the invasive knotweed that is plaguing the Catskills and told us what we can do about it. The meeting ended with some socializing. Our thanks go out to the Roxmor Colony who once again graciously allowed us to use their clubhouse! It was a good day.

2015-2016 Officers
Michele Keesee - President
Peggy Neu - Vice President
Jeff Schwartz - Treasurer
Mike O'Neil - Secretary