Monday, July 13, 2015

More About The Naming Of WV

I just received an email from one of Woodland Valley's historians, Paul Misko. He had this to add to the last item I posted.

I just read Carl Tannenbaum's blurb about Longstreth's comments about the naming of Woodland Valley. I really enjoy Longstreth's book on his Catskill hikes, in fact I was just reviewing his Woodland Valley hike on WIOX f.m. a few weeks ago, as his details are invaluable to any Catskill historian. What Longstreth likely did not know, was that both "Snyder Hollow", and "Woodland Valley" pay homage to Col. H.D.H. Snyder, as the name of Snyder's tannery was the "Woodland Tannery".