Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Growing Mushrooms

Recently I put this post to my Facebook page. But for those of you who are not connected to me there, I wanted to share my mushroom growing story with you too. So here it is.

This Christmas Harry and I received a mushroom growing kit from The Imaginary Farmer as a present. The basics things came immediately but you could wait and send for the spawn whenever you are ready to start growing. Since my house is so dry during the winter I didn't send for it until just a few weeks ago. But it arrived and I grew and harvested my first Hantana Phoenix oyster mushrooms this week. It was SO MUCH FUN!!! They were so beautiful I almost couldn't pick them. But my hunger won out in the end and I stirred fried them with the last of my ramps from the woods, garlic scapes and bok choy from the garden. They were DELICIOUS!! Thanks to Owen Tallman at The Imaginary Farmer for patiently answering all of my many questions. I must have emailed him 10x. If any of you out there want to grow some mushrooms check out the kits from the Imaginary Farmer. They are inexpensive, easy and best of all, FUN!