Monday, February 23, 2015

Bright And Sunny Day

After a gorgeous day yesterday, the weather today is cold (10 degrees as I type) but at least the skies are bright blue. There is a bit of wind but nothing too crazy. The temps got into the 30's yesterday and it felt warm(ish). That sounds funny but I guess everything is relative. It was really nice to be outside while I was cleaning up.

But with all the shoveling (and trying to get other work done), I never got a chance to post about the final snow totals. Basically, we didn't get much more than I originally posted, somewhere around 3 inches (remember these are the totals at the far end of the valley, so the amount may vary at your house).  For this part of the world 3 inches really isn't that much. But given the cold temps not much has melted off so it did add to the mounting, knee deep snow that is lying around.

The forecasts predict another really, really cold night tonight. But after that it looks like the temperatures may rise slightly. And right now there doesn't look like there is snow in the forecast until next Sunday. Whoooo Hooooo! Let's hope that remains true. I am as sick of blogging about the weather as you probably are about reading about it. So that's all for now. I promise I will make my next post about anything but weather!