Saturday, February 21, 2015

And Winter Goes On, And On, And On…...

It has been EXTRA COLD here in the valley this week. Temps got as low -13 last night! People all around town have been having problems with frozen pipes. I myself had a problem with the main line from the outside to my pump tank freezing up. But putting a small heater on facing the pipe solved that issue. And my water is running just fine now. Life in the mountains has been very challenging indeed!

Today it is snowing again. A quick 2 inches fell starting at about 1pm then it tapered off. I just looked at the radar and we seem to be in a bit of a hole in the storm. It looks like we are going to get more through the night. I will update you on totals in the morning.

There has also been several fires in town. The Key Bank fire reignited on Thursday night (it was quickly extinguished). There was a trailer fire out behind what was once a feed store on Old Rt 28 just west of The Phoenicia Lodge.  There was also a fire in a barn somewhere in Mt Pleasant (never heard exactly where). Luckily, I don't think there was anyone hurt in any of these fires. At least that is a good thing.

So right now everyone seems to be tucking in and waiting for this latest round of snow to pass (I seem to be typing that sentence a lot lately). Anyway, I hope wherever you are you stay safe and warm. I will report back when I can.