Sunday, January 4, 2015

Another Storm Past

The storm that came through yesterday and today is finished (mostly - it is raining a tiny bit here now). It started out as snow in the afternoon yesterday and then sometime last evening changed to sleet, then rain. Only about 3 inches fell before the changeover so it wasn't that deep. But the rain overnight made it very heavy and hard to shovel today. But shovel and plow it I did.

The temperatures rose into the high 40's today at the end of the valley and so a lot of it melted. If the predictions were for it to stay warm I think we all could have just left it where it was to melt. But the temps are supposed to drop significantly. And it is the kind of mess that if you don't clean and it ices over you can have a treacherous situation.

The temps are supposed to go into the subzero range by Wednesday night so I hope you are all ready. Winter is really digging in for the long haul. Wherever you are I hope you stay dry and warm.