Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Just A Little More

We got a bit of rain here this morning followed by some more snow in the late afternoon/early evening. Nothing too bad, maybe another inch at the top of the valley by the campground. Phoenicia itself got a little more than we did up here, maybe 2 inches tops. But the wet, heavy snow from yesterday has frozen underneath everything making for slippery conditions on driveways and walkways.

The roads weren't too bad when I came home tonight at about 7:30pm. The town trucks have continued to sand and salt to make Woodland Valley Road safer. But I didn't even attempt to drive up my driveway to the house. It is always treacherous when a little slushy snow freezes underneath everything.

I think we are expecting more snow overnight into tomorrow. Hopefully, that will turn out to be pretty minimal as well. That's all for tonight. I will try and do another update tomorrow evening.