Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hunters From Seasons Past

Since hunting season is upon us WV resident historian Rolf Reiss sent me some great old photos of hunters from the past. Here is what Rolf had to say:

"Since it still the season I thought I would share a few images from the early 1900's of successful local hunts.
The first one shows several gents in front of the Central Hotel in Phoenicia including Al Wispell ( the proprietor and stout fellow leaning on the butt of his shotgun) along with several men who unfortunately I have yet to identify. The Central Hotel eventually became Ricciardella's Restaurant and is now awaiting a new purpose. We can only speculate as to whom exactly fired the fatal shot, participated in the hunt or was simply present in town with a rifle or shotgun when the photo was taken.
The second photo taken at the same location seems to include a different cast of characters ( some apparently in their "Sunday go to meeting clothes" ) and a different victim along with a live pet fox on a chain and two adorable imps in the lower left corner sneaking in to the picture.
The last hunt photo was shot in the Woodland Valley Park Association beyond the state campsite.Thanks to our long time resident and avid local historian Linda McDonald who was able to identify the hunter and his son as Fred and Phillip Roberts. Fred was the Association's caretaker for many years. The sign on the tree reads " Automobiles slow down to 8 miles per hour". That was in the days when the old Woodland Valley / Slide Mt. turnpike was still open to cars and connected us to Winnisook Lake, Claryville and beyond."
Best wishes,