Monday, December 22, 2014

Boreegard Listens To An Aging Cat

Here is another wonderful bit of poetry from WCA member Mike O'Neil aka Boreegard. 


I looked Tony straight in the eye today,

As I plucked one more tick from his hide,
And asked, “Why, old lad, do you insist on,
Rolling on the early wet spring ground?”

“Oh Boss,” he said, “I’m old and I walk
Slowly—as I notice you do too.  I
Cannot race to catch the errant Carolina Wren,
Or that chipmunk packing in the birdfeeder spillings.”

“Isn’t the sun nice, filtering through the greening woods,
And your scratching and smoothing of my back,
Makes me feel purr purr purr,
Can there be a nicer moment in this uncertain world?”

Saturday December 20, 2014