Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving Weather

Since Thanksgiving and the days before it are busy work days for me, I haven't had a chance to post. So I am doing a bit of catch up today. I posted two other things besides this note so be sure to scroll down if you want to catch up too. I wanted to finish my posting for the day with an update on the weather in the valley. Since I was not here for the storm on Wednesday I couldn't give you all an update. But now that I am back in the valley here is my weather report.

I would say that we got about 7-8 inches from this storm, but it has compacted a bit by now. The snow has stuck around this time because the temperatures have stayed low. By my thermometer it was in the teens last night. There are some very icy patches on walkways and driveways so do watch your step. The roads are clear and so there is no problem getting to town and back. All in all, I don't think it was a bad storm. It is just on the early side for this much accumulation. But I guess I have to face the fact that winter is settling in for a long stay. Ugh! Why does summer seem like it goes so quickly and winter just seems to start early and last forever? Oh well, at least it is still beautiful here in the valley no matter the season!