Monday, September 1, 2014

Vice President In Shandaken

I don't usually write any of the town buzz on the blog but this weekend was particularly exciting. For those of you who haven't been around, everyone here is talking about the fact that Joe Biden was in Mt Tremper and Phoenicia over the weekend. Apparently, he was in town to attend a wedding at the St Francis de Sales church. He stayed at the Emerson while he was here. The folks at the hotel are totally mum on the subject but when I went there on Sunday to work out I was stopped by the State Troopers and the Secret Service so I had to believe he was there. I had to open the hood of my car and my trunk. They searched the engine, the trunk and the inside of my car. Then they proceeded to have the police dogs sniff my trunk too. They were very professional about it so aside from my embarrassment over the messy state of my vehicle it was all quite fine, just a little intimidating. So that is the exciting weekend news from these parts.