Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Swimming With The Fishes

WCA member, Tommy Healy, went on a fabulous diving vacation to Honduras recently. He sent me back these cool pictures/videos. I think he is a great underwater photographer. Here are the photos/videos of his shark dive and a message from Tommy himself about the adventure.

Today was shark dive day. I decided to do these photos in Black and white for best perspective. They took us out by a small boat. (the last shots you can see the bottom of the boat above the diver then follow up and over on the mooring line) The dive site was a point on the reef where currents meet. Sharks like that as they have to continually need to move. The dive down was to 75 feet to a sandy bottom where 5 of us kneeled down and watched the show. These are Caribbean reefs sharks that are non aggressive (otherwise I would not be here and you would not be looking at shark pics) They do come close up to you but do not pose a threat. A bucket that has fish is placed on the bottom and opened. The sharks gobble up the bait then head on there way. While they battle it out on who gets the meal. They some times Lose teeth. (Unlike us these teeth grow back) In if your as lucky as I was, (first time) You may find a tooth on the sand looking around. Fun day, No snow thank goodness.   

PS - Here are some links to videos of the dive.