Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tee Botchford and Peter Moschberger Engaged

I got some great news from the Botchford family in the last day or so. Looks like Hawley's daughter, Tee and her long time beau, Peter have gotten engaged (that's Tee and Peter in the photo above - gorgeous couple!). But I will let proud papa Hawley tell you himself (see below). Congrats to Tee and Peter and both of their extended families!!!

Greetings All,
While I hate the impersonal tech world, this is the best way to contact many at one time.  We are excited to share that our daughter Tee and her beau Peter Moschberger became engaged during their stay in Santorini, Greece.  It all sounded very romantic with wine on their patio over looking the water with cruise ships passing by and the sun setting on the horizon.  Peter made the "ask" but doesn't remember what Tee said because his heart was pounding so loud he couldn't hear - but the answer was yes.  She has a beautiful ring and is very happy.  They arrived back home today.  They told us before they left Greece (Skype is wonderful) but we had to embargo the information until they got back so all family could know before "facebook"!  Tee wanted to let us know on Skype so she could watch Joyce cry!!  Peter was traditional and proper in meeting with me several weeks ago to ask for my blessing.  We are so happy for them and already consider Peter a member of our family.

- Hawley