Monday, September 9, 2013

Rooster/Chicken Found

I do so love keeping this blog. Sometimes the news I pass on to you is big, sometimes it's something small, like a lost chicken. Here is a message I received earlier from new residents Bonnie and Bill Guild.

"We just moved into a charming little house at 1043 Woodland Valley Road and were told about your neighborhood blog.  We were welcomed by the smell of pines, the sounds of the water, and a very friendly rooster/chicken, who seems to have adopted us.  We were wondering if anyone along the road has a farm where he might have wandered from, or is missing a pet rooster/chicken?  We don't have any phone service yet when we're there, but the owner can feel free to pick him/her up."

Bonnie and Bill Guild

So if anyone has lost a rooster/chicken drop by the Guild's place and pick he/she up. And welcome them to the valley until the rest of us have the chance to do it ourselves. And tell that chicken to stay closer to home. There are many other animals in these woods that would savor a good chicken snack.