Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bring Back The Picnic Basket Yogi

Seems like Woodland Valley is awash in rogue chickens and thieving bears these days. Two nights ago one of my neighbors called me very upset because she had driven all the way to the Peekamoose restaurant for a lobster roll (that was the last night this summer that they would be serving them). When she got home the phone was ringing and she set her lobster roll down outside on the porch while she went to answer it. Unfortunately, in the two short minutes it took her to get the phone, a bear made off with her dinner. She was not amused. She had an acute hankering for lobster roll and didn't have the time or energy to go get another.

The next morning I received the following letter from Ken and Monica Palmer. Seems that a bear (the same one?) had been at their house too.

I was wondering if you can post in your blog that Our Woodland Valley Bear visited us upon our arrival from vacationing in the Outer Banks and I placed my beloved beautiful wicker picnic basket on my deck when emptying our camper last night and he grabbed it and took off with it!  There wasn't any food in it, just a couple of ceramic beach plates and mugs, 2 of my favorite wine glasses, a corkscrew, napkins, a purple peppermill and himalayian salt.................And a few other little odds and ends.  I've been taking this basket with us forever and can't believe we can't find it.  My son went across the stream and up the mountain where he usually stashes things................If anyone should come upon it please let them know.....................

Thank you

Monica and Ken Palmer

So keep your eyes out for a picnic basket and for heavens sake don't leave your dinner outside if you expect to eat tonight!