Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tribute To A Cousin

Joe DeSarle wrote to me about a song that he composed and recorded last year. I will let Joe tell the story. Here is his letter.

Hello Everyone.
Some of you have heard the story behind my song "He Stopped By" which is based on a true story. Several years ago I was upstate in Woodland Valley and was planting in my garden which is up on a hill quite distant from my house. I heard a very distinctive sound of someone walking in back of me and I turned around several times and looked but on one was there. After planting I headed back to my house and Mary told me that we received the bad news that cousin Doug had passed away. Some time later I recounted the story to Doug's wife, Joanne, and she responded "He loved Woodland Valley so much that he even passed by on his way to heaven". I wrote the song over one year ago and now decided to make the video after receiving photos from Joanne and his sister, Mary Ann. Doug was a wonderful young man. who's life was cut short by esophageal cancer. Everyday is a gift so enjoy them fully.

Regards to all,


PS - Joe later told me that his cousin Doug had grown up in Woodland Valley in the vicinity of Joe's current home.