Friday, July 12, 2013

Roxmor In The 50's

Recently, I received a message from a woman who had some old family photos that she wanted to research. She thought that they might be from Roxmor. So she sent them to me hoping I would post them to the blog and someone would recognize something or someone in the photos and give her some more information. Here is her original messaged (see photos at the bottom of this post).

"Here are some pictures that I'm all but certain are from the Roxmor. Most of my family is in them! They always talked about the Roxmor and how much fun they had there. Since I grew up hearing about it so much I began searching about it but I always added an "e" at the end and could never find anything! Then last night my cousin called me and told me how to spell it properly and that's how I found your blog. My cousin Lenny is easily seen in one of the pictures - he's the young man with the deer in the headlights look at the table."

When I first saw them I recognized the Roxmor Inn (Clubhouse) right away.  I sent them off to a couple Roxmor Colony stalwarts and got this message in return.

"These photos have to be from the Castanios & Anieas era (early 50's?).
They were one of the (6 - I believe) operators between the Miller era and the Colony reacquiring the Inn. It was a group from Spain.
Only one I think I recognize is a relatively youthful Paul Miller, my predecessor - in the first of the last two photos.  Seated in back on the right."

If anyone has any more information please send it to me and I will post it on the blog.