Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Road Crew On WV Road

The Shandaken Highway Department is working on repaving a couple of sections of Woodland Valley Road in the past couple of days. The road is being torn up and make ready for resurfacing from Roxmor to just before the Fawn Hill bridge and then again from just before Tonisgah Road to right before the Holz Farm (they may go up further tomorrow). These sections were originally scheduled for repair a few years ago but, when Hurricane Irene hit, the town's resources were directed at the urgent highway repairs needed throughout Shandaken. Now that the dust is settling from that situation, the regular road repairs are getting back on track. So be aware that there are road crews in the upper valley and that the road itself is loose stone and dirt. So DRIVE SLOWLY in these sections. And plan extra time to get in and out of the valley because while they are working they may narrow the traffic to one lane and/or stop it completely to let the crew do their work.