Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More Turtles Sightings In The Valley

Linda McDonald sent me this report about another turtle that she saw along Woodland Valley Road. Drive slowly and carefully when you are coming down Woodland Valley Road. You never know what animal may be happen upon. Here is what Linda had to say about the turtle.

Hi! Attached are 2 pictures and a guide book page, about a turtle I found & photographed today, just below Holtz's farm (if you were headed toward town). He, is a Wood Turtle and was kind of friendly, when I moved him out of the road, which he was trying to cross. Thought we'd call him "WOODY". Please be careful when you drive in that area and don't run him over. He is about 8 x 5 inches and has a brown shell with small pyramid shapes on his back and pretty reddish orange legs and tail. He is NOT a snapper and sort of hops up and down on his 4 legs to make you think he's a big man when frightened. After we talked awhile he calmed down and I took his photo. You can tell he's a boy by the depression in his bottom shell.  Linda