Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

Doris (photos) and Dakin (poetry) Morehouse have collaborated on a Mother's Day message to everyone. We hope all the Woodland Valley mothers (and mothers everywhere) enjoy their special day!!

PS - This lovely magnolia lives by the Empire State Railway Museum and has survived several floods.
PPS - Dakin asked me to send his thanks out to everyone for the wonderful birthday greetings.

A Day for Mother?
Dakin Morehouse, 2010
 ~  ~  ~

Hmm … a day.  Yes a single day set aside … for Mother?
Seems rather meager to say the least …

And is it for the dear, patient Mother who bore and raised me?
Or the lady whom I made a Mother, and who raised our children?
And is it not for our dear Daughter who in turn made her  a GrandMother?

Then there is that expanding web of our Ancestral Mothers tracing back  forever,
Who’s lives were incomprehensibly harder than ours, and whom,
Were it not for their tenacity and commitment to our linage,
None of us would be writing … or reading these words of honor.

And then again, were it not for the Greatest Mother of all …
Our much maligned and too oft taken for granted Mother Earth,
Life itself may not even have arisen.

In the light of this awesome perspective,
I recall my Father’s words about the God, and reverence;
‘An hour each Sunday is precious little to contemplate and revere
the Great Spirit … who gave you a lifetime.’

So to all our revered Mothers, we honor you with every living moment,
And in particular on this special Mother’s Day,  we wish to affirm once again,
Our sincerest  “Thank you” … and that   “We love you dearly,   Mother.”

~  ~  ~