Saturday, May 25, 2013

Catching Up

In the last few weeks I have been swamped with work and falling behind with my blogging. I do the best I can but sometimes things just don't get posted in a timely fashion. I can pre-schedule posts if I am going to be busy but the things that come in after I set that up just have to wait until I get another chance. Sorry about that folks, but a girl has got to work.

Anyway, today, on this cold (temps in the 40's, with last night going into the 30's....brrrrrr....but I digress) and rainy day I am once again playing catch up. I have posted several things in a row so be sure that you scroll down so you don't miss anything,

Things should get back to normal soon and I will be able to blog more regularly again. At least I hope so.

PS - For all you folks who read this blog for the weather, my friends in Tannersville said that it snowed up there last night!! It didn't stick but snow in May is just wrong!