Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Susan Gillespie Helps Lead The Charge

There are so many WCA members involved in so many interesting and important things that it is hard to keep up with everyone. Right now Susan Gillespie (you may remember that Susan's brother, Gardner, and his law firm won our appeal against the Poncic water harvesting plan) is helping to lead the charge in Rosendale and the surrounding towns to prevent Central Hudson (their local utility company) from being taken over by Fortis (a Canadian Company). They have gotten the public comment period extended. Both Rosendale and Woodstock have passed resolutions opposing the takeover. Here are some articles in the Freeman about the matter and details on the public hearings and different methods to comment. Any of you who have another residence in the Central Hudson coverage area or are concerned about this in general might want to have some input.

Fortis - CH Energy Deal Shorts Public, Critics Contend

Fortis Takeover Of Central Hudson Gets Extended Comment Period

-The public comment period has been extended to May 1st.
-The Ulster County Legislature as well as a number of local towns passed Resolutions opposing the takeover of Central Hudson by Fortis.    

-Two additional Public Hearing dates have been added:

City of Poughkeepsie

Common Council Chambers          
62 Civic Center Plaza 3rd Floor
Poughkeepsie,  NY 12601                                                                                               

THURSDAY, APRIL 18, 7 p.m.
City of Kingston
Council Chambers
420 Broadway
Kingston, NY 12401
with representatives of town, county, labor, & the public
Wednesday, April 10th
7-9 p.m.
Elmendorph Inn
7562 Rt. 9, Red Hook, NY 12571

-Email your comments to The Public Service Commission Secretary at  secretary@dps.ny.gov.
 Post comments at  http://documents.dps.ny.gov/public/MatterManagement/CaseMaster.aspx?MatterCaseNo=12-M-0192&submit=Search+by+Case+Number.