Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Update on Winter Storm Ukko

Since when did they start giving winter storms a name? I went to a weather site and saw that this storm was called "Ukko". While that is a nice name, I think I prefer my winter storms by date, as in "the blizzard of '47" or "the ice storm of '66". That is how my parents talked about storms and I don't see why it had to change. I don't even know who votes on changing things like that. I didn't vote for it. Why didn't anyone ask me? Hurricanes have names, winter storms have dates, that is the way it has always been and that is the way it should stay. I think I want to protest, start a Facebbook page against "agencies who vote to change things without asking"........anyway........I'm just's annoying.

Well, now that I have ranted a bit, here is the update on the aforementioned winter storm Ukko's effects in the valley.

It snowed, sleeted or rained most of the day today but there wasn't a lot more accumulation, 2 more inches at the most. All the snow is the extra wet and heavy kind. It has been very hard to shovel and move around and the roads have been slippery. But tonight Woodland Valley road was not too bad. The town road crews have been doing a great job of keeping everything clear and safe for travel. And all the snow seems to be melting fast.

I think the storm is about over now but I am not sure. As usual, I will keep you all posted. But for right now, that's all folks!