Friday, March 8, 2013

Still Snowing

Even though it is still snowing in the valley I wanted to post something so that the folks that are thinking of heading this way over the weekend can know what to expect. It started snowing yesterday afternoon but didn't start to stick until the early evening. I got about 3-4 inches overnight at my house but it could be more or less at your property depending on where in the valley you live. The nearer to town you are, the more wet the snow has been. And it all seems to be compressing rather quickly as the day progresses so that 3-4 inches is going down rapidly.

Temperatures have been ranging from the upper 20's to the low 30's. We seem to be just over the line so all the precipitation is falling as snow but it is the wet and heavy kind. Take your time shoveling!

Last night on my way home, Woodland Valley Road was very slippery. But by this morning when I went out again the plows had come and sanded the roads and made everything passable. Rt 28 is wet but OK. But if you are coming tonight slow down and drive carefully. We want everyone to arrive safe and sound.