Saturday, March 23, 2013

Max Nova Edits New Music Video

Below is a message from WCA member Max Nova about one of his newest projects, editing a music video for Mumford & Sons. Nice work Max! Love their music! Check it out if you have the chance.  Here is what Max had to say.

"Fresh on the heels (toes?) of our stunning shoot with Brigette Neidermair for CR Fashion Book, we spin 180ยบ to present "Whispers in the Dark," the new music video for Mumford & Sons.  

Directed by Jim Canty, produced by Max Knies for Greencard and edited by Max Nova for Shellac, this is the latest single from their sophomore LP "Babel," which won the Grammy for Album of the Year last month and has sold 2 million copies to date.

After quietly debuting last night the video has gotten around pretty quickly – apologies in advance if you've seen it once or twice (or four times, wink wink) already!

Bonus points if you can identify Winston's stylists in the lower left storyline!"


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