Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Blizzard News

Well folks, it has been quite a while since I blogged last. In answer to all the questions I have received, no, I didn't die (obviously), no, I am not sick (thank God), no, nothing is terribly wrong (politics aside). After nine years of keeping this blog I just needed a break. And I actually still need a break. But this blizzard situation has compelled me to do a little community service and give those of you who are not here the specifics about the storm as it is in the valley.

The snow started around 3am with small flakes falling heavily and stacking up fast. When I woke up it was virtually a whiteout situation. But we have never gotten the wind that all the weather stations were predicting. Actually it has been eerily still and quite all day.

The snow is not sticking in the trees either (which is good). It doesn't even seem to be accumulating in the pines around my house. I think the flakes were so fine and light that they just slid off and fell to the ground.

Right now I would say we have about 18 inches. The whiteout situation is over at this point. But the snow is still falling. It has changed from the rapidly falling, small flakes to larger, heavier flakes. The temps have remained in the 20's all day.

We have also had power and phone all day. But I haven't heard the plow trucks. So I am not sure what the situation is with the roads at this point. But I think everyone here has tucked in and is waiting out the rest of the storm. I don't think anyone is out on the roads if they don't have to be.

So stay safe and warm wherever you are and I will post again at the end of this storm.