Thursday, January 22, 2015

Watch Your Step!

Those of you who are coming for the weekend need to be very, very careful when exiting your car and walking to your house. The weather in the early part of the week was a bit warmer so the ice melted. We then got a bit of sleet-like, large grain snow on top of that mess and a bit of a crust was formed on the ice in many places. Unfortunately, that melted a little and then re-froze so there is a lot of very, very slippery spots again. SO WATCH YOUR STEP! (I can't say that loud enough).

The Shandaken highway department has done it's usual great job of clearing the roads so driving to your home shouldn't be a problem. But if your driveway is graded up or down I would advise extreme caution there too. It is a very slippery world here in the valley.